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  • Reuben Frank wrote a piece on the feud between Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner, quoting each of them.
  • The Eagles have hired former Cleveland Browns head coach, Pat Shurmur, as the Eagles offensive coordinator.
  • The 49ers defeated the Falcons, and the Ravens beat the Patriots. The Harbaugh brothers will face off in XLVII.
  • The Flyers opened their season this weekend with two straight loses.
  • We're looking for the best brother combos in professional sports. 888-729-9494.

Today's Guests

  • Off-Air
    Ray Didinger
    Ray Didinger CSNPhilly - Eagles 100 0
  • Off-Air
    Geoff Mosher
    Geoff Mosher 100 0
  • Off-Air
    Adam "The Bull" Gerstenhaber
    Adam "The Bull" Gerstenhaber 0 0